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DFE.25 2.8kW Electric Heaters

DFE 25

Two models of the DFE.25 portable electric blower heater are available, one suitable for a 230/1/50 electrical supply, and a second, “Dual Voltage” version, that operates either from a 110 volt, or a 230 volt, supply. These heaters are manufactured to a standard that withstands the rigours of use on construction sites and produce clean and dry warm air. Short lengths of air ducting are possible with these heaters and double skin construction ensures that the electric heaters have a low temperature outer skin.

230V Available to Buy for £208.00 + VAT (£249.60 Inc VAT)

Dual Volt Available to Buy for £237.00 + VAT (£284.40 Inc VAT)

Delivery is extra and will be charged at cost price

Available to Hire from £32.00 + VAT per week

Delivery and Collection prices on request

DFE.25 Dryfast Electric Heater Specifications

Heating Electrical Supply Air flow Dimensions Weight
kW Vollage Amps Watts cuM/hr Width mm Length mm Height mm kgs
1.3/2.6 110/230 25/11 2700 250 260 320 359 10.5
2.8 230 12 2900 250 260 320 359 10.0