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Temporary Air Conditioning & Heating for Event Hire

For exhibitions, sporting events, weddings, parties, barmitzfers, corporate events. Whatever the event, trust Cooling and Heating Solutions.

Event organisers demand fine wine and food for their guests and, increasingly today, a perfectly designed and controlled internal environment. Cooling and Heating Solutions specialise in the control of temperature, ‘Creating the Right Atmosphere’.

We know that entertaining guests, whatever the event, is a very special occasion. Everything has to be exactly right if the event is to be a memorable one: the location, the furnishings, the sound, the lighting, the food and drink and the entertainers themselves.

But what about the ambient conditions? To hot, too cold, too sweaty, too draughty and guests soon start to forget their lavish surroundings, they become distracted, they become uncomfortable.

Across the British Isles and Europe, we provide site survey, design and quotation all free of any charges. On receipt of orders, we deliver, install and commission our systems, at all times liaising with other service providers to ensure a smooth transition from ‘green field’ to finished product – on time and on budget. Where requested we attend the function to fine tune the systems as appropriate. We operate in both marquees and existing buildings such as hotels, banqueting halls and exhibition stands.


Stylish installed and portable units with a wide range of models and controls for each room

When you need fast, reliable portable heating, the CHS range of all electric heaters fit the bill

Our modern range of Indirect Fired Oil Heaters are PERFECT for heating your marquee or temporary structure.

Range of Skid Mounted, Cast Iron, Diesel Fired, Portable Hot Water Boilers that provide a Central Heating System

We specialise in supplying modular Heat Pump Chillers, ideal for temporary heating or air conditioning applications

We are one of the few companies who stock Hydronic Fan Coils. A more stylish approach to temporary applications

Our free standing variety of Fans can be used for a whole variety of jobs                   

We stock a great range of Domestic, Commercial and Industrial Dehumidifiers