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Today, large capacity free standing, water driven Hydronic Fan Coils form the backbone of most temporary Cooling or Heating installations, and a rapid response answer to an urgent, permanent requirement.

Cooling and Heating Solutions are one of the very few companies in Europe who stock this style of sophisticated equipment.

We can offer a very large range of Cooling and Heating capacities, but our stock is usually made up of 15 and 30kW/hr Cooling units, served from Heat Pump Chillers and which become 45 and 90kW/hr respectively in Heating mode, and in conjunction with Oil or Gas Fired Boilers.

In temporary applications, PVC hose is used for chilled water (typically 10degC) pipework, and rubber hose for heating (typically 80degC) water.

Automatic temperature control, fan speed control and automatic condensate removal are standard features.

Units up to 30kW/hr capacity operate from a standard 230 volt, 1 phase, electrical supply and draw just a few amps.

Our Fan Coils can be connected up to our Chillers or Boilers to create a much more sophisticated System for Temporary or Permeant Heating/Cooling; operating very quietly and efficiently to maintain a comfortable environment for any event.

Please see table below for Technical Information on our Fan Coil Systems.

Available to hire from £64.00 + VAT per week

Fan Coil Specifications

Technical Specifications D7.5HW Y.15 Mk.4 C.15 C.30
Cooling Capacity kW/hr @ UK Av AC Conditions 7.5+/- 15+/- 15+/- 30+/-
Heating Capacity kW/hr – up to a maximum of 22.5 45 45 90
Moisture Removal Average l/hr 3.2 3.6 4.0 8.0
Electrics Input kW/hr maximum 0.08 0.1 0.2 0.6
Electrics Supply 230/1/50 230/1/50 230/1/50 230/1/50
Electrics Source 13 or 16 Amp Socket
Electrics Running Amps Av 0.5 1.5 3 5
Air Flow Max Speed M3/s 0.32 0.56 0.57 1.2
Air Flow Filter Type Washable Washable Disposable Disposable
Air Flow No. of Fan Speeds 7 3 0 to 100% 0 to 100%
Air Flow Direction Adjustment n/a Air Sweep Lat/Vert Lat/Vert
Air Flow Static Fan Pressure Pa n/a n/a 70 70
Sound Level Max Speed Sound Power dBa 64 64 68 67
Air Temperature Control Cool/Heat Remote Integral Integral Integral
Air Temperature Control LED No Yes Yes Yes
Water Flow Maximum l/s 0.30 0.53 0.55 1.15
Water Connections mm15(½") 25(1") 25(1") 32(1¼")
Water Integral Manual Air Vent Yes Yes Yes
Casing Plastic Ivory White Metal Sheet Painted Cream
Dimensions Unpacked LxWxH mm 1447x210x550 605x375x1895 650x500x1700
(H – 2200 with Plenum)
(H – 2200 with Plenum)
Weight Dry kg 48 65 105 145
Weight Operating kg 57 74 118 166
Water/Air Heat Exchanger Type Copper Tube and Aluminium Fin
Water/Air Heat Exchanger Rows 2 2 2
Water/Air Heat Exchanger Stages 4 4 6
Water/Air Heat Exchanger Fin Pitch 1.2 1.3 1.3
Fan Type Centrif Drum Centrif Centrif
Fan Quantity 3 1 1 2
Fan Motor Output W 69 100 90 120
Fan Input/Discharge Direction Top Front Front Front/Front/Side
Optional Extras All Models Camlock Lever Water Connection, Integrated Fan Coil to Chiller/Boiler Controls, Condensate Pump and Tank, Fresh Air Input, 3 Way on/off Motorised Valve, Alternative Exterior Colours, Multi Unit Integrated Controls, C.15 and C.30 adaptions for exterior use.
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