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Temporary Air Conditioning & Heating for your Wedding Day

Wedding Heating and Wedding Cooling


Let Cooling and Heating Solutions keep your wedding day feeling just the right level of comfort.

No matter the size, shape or location of your event structure, we can come up with the solution for your air conditioning needs.

Marquee heating, marquee cooling, barn heating, orangery cooling, orangery heating, conservatory heating, conservatory cooling.

Cooling and Heating Solutions have a wide selection of portable electric heaters, air conditioning units, boilers, chillers, spot cooler, heat pumps, blower heaters and marquee heaters, just let us now some basic information and we can figure out all the rest for you, ticking one more thing off the list.

Take those jackets off, hit the dance floor, and have a wonderful day.

Whatever the venue, Cooling & Heating Solutions can advise on the best air conditioning or heating systems, to make sure everyone is comfortable on the big day!