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The BellyTank Range of Traditional indirect fired Oil heaters are a popular heating solution amongst our customers.

Heaters available to Buy from £823.00 + VAT (£987.60 inc. VAT)

Delivery is extra and will be charged at cost price

Available to Hire from £162.00 + VAT per week

Delivery and Collection prices on request

Events Packages available to Buy from £314.00 + VAT (£376.80 Inc VAT)

A thermostat, 1 length of 2m hot air duct, duct strap, diffuser, and fuel barrel (fuel barrel not included with Belly Tank Range).

Belly Tank Oil Fired Heater Specifications

This type of heater “sits” on a belly fuel tank and is completely self-contained. The tank has to be filled manually with diesel (red or white) or kerosene, via a spout in the top of the tank. Warm air ducting, air outlet diffusers, auto thermostat control and flue pipes are all available.

Advantages of this style: Completely self-contained apart from an electric supply

Disadvantages of this style: Quite heavy to move around when tank is full, and cannot be connected to a bulk tank.

Model Heat Output Electrical Supply Heated Air flow Aprox. Diesel Air Duct Diameter Width Length Height Weight Empty Weight Full
kW/hr V/ph/hz M3/hr litre/hr mm mm mm mm kgs kgs
BT.15 15 230/1/50 600 1.65 205 470 860 570 36 n/a