Fixed Air Conditioning Systems

Air Conditioning stylish indoor units, a wide range of models and controls for each room, CHS air to air heat pumps give you comfortable, energy efficient solutions for your office, studio, shop etc.

Overview of the Split System;

  • Connects one indoor unit to a single outdoor unit.
  • Easy and discreet installation on buildings.
  • Delivers sophisticated air conditioning to single zone interior spaces at an affordable price.



Inverter Technology

Inverter technology in air conditioners is used to regulate the indoor temperature continuously. Compared with a traditional system, it gives you optimum comfort as well as reducing your energy costs by +/- 30%.

Heat Pump Performance

To give you the best in convenience and comfort, CHS technology manages both temperature and excess humidity automatically.

Quiet Operation

Our indoor units are whisper quiet for perfect comfort.


Energy Efficiency

Advanced inverter and heat pump technologies give you the highest possible efficiency, up to A+++, and energy savings at lower costs.

Intelligent Air Distribution

CHS makes any room comfortable by distributing the air around the room to create even temperatures – without disturbing you.

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Available to buy from £550.00 + VAT*

Available to hire from £72.00 + VAT per week*

*Installation is extra















Available to Buy from £2,340.00 + VAT*

Available to hire from £265.00 + VAT per week*

*Installation is extra

Characteristics Model Reference
2.5dX Split 3.5dX Split 7.0dX Split 15.0dX Split
Cooling Capacity kW/hr 2.6 3.5 7.0 14.1
Power Supply V/Ph/Hz 230/1/50 230/1/50 230/1/50 400/3/50
Capacity (W) 2600 3500 7120 14000
Cooling Rated Power (W) 805 1150 2750 5000
Rated Current (A) 3.7 5.6 12.8 11
Thermostat ˚C 18 to 31 N/A
Capacity (W) 2800 3600 7600 15000
Heating Rated Power (W) 805 1150 2750 4800
Rated Current (A) 3.7 5.3 12.8 10
Dehumidifying Capacity L/h 1.1 Up to 2 Up to 3.5 Up to 7
Air Cycle Amount M³/h 560 660 1150 1850
Noise Level (in/outdoor) dB 39/26 42/26 48/39 52/62
Net Weight Indoor/Outdoor Kg 9/28 10/29 17/53 55/110
Compressor Hitachi/Rotary Hitachi/Rotary
Refrigerant R407C
Product Dimension Indoor Unit 790×200×275 765x200x250 1090x227x325 600x360x1900
LxWxH (mm) Outdoor 776×320×540 765x260x525 865x372x732 900x350x1230
Package Dimension Indoor Unit 885x295x370 830x275x320 1173x320x425 685x482x2010
LxWxH (mm) Outdoor 870x415x635 925x350x615 1030x413x790 1025x435x1383
Applicable Area 10~14 15~20 32~44 55~75

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